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GroHappy is a blog site that uses the concepts of horticultural therapy to bring joy and happiness to people though interacting with plants and nature.

GroHappy has three main principles:

1) Happy people are more important than perfect plants.

2) All gardening/nature activities should be joyful.

3) There are no failures in the garden.

The idea behind GroHappy is that happy people are much more important than perfect plants and thus we will focus on how to have fun in the garden.

GroHappy is the brainchild of Erik Keller in the fourth act in a career that has seen many twists and turns. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Engineering from SUNY at Stony Brook, he decided not to become an engineer but rather a technical journalist for nearly a decade. During this time he visited hundreds of factories all over the U.S. to better understand how products got manufactured.

From this position, he then worked over a decade as a technology and software analyst for Gartner Inc. where he became a vice president and Research Fellow. He then left Gartner to form his own management consulting practice, Wapiti LLC, where he traveled the world helping clients solve complex technology issues ultimately writing Technology Paradise Lost, a book about the future of information-technology spending.

But after all this travel and working with corporations, Erik discovered a new interest: working with plants and people.

He got his first taste of the amazing healing power of plants and people when as a Master Gardener in 2000, he created a horticultural therapy program at a detention center for girls in Fairfield County, CT. He noticed quickly that the simple act of arranging flowers and planting vegetables took angry and hurt girls into a very happy space and mindset. Girls who had never even touched soil quickly become enamored of gardens and all their possibilities.

This continued for Erik during an internship arranged through the New York Botanical Gardens at a school for at-risk children in Putnam County, N.Y. Here through working with children on an individual and group basis, he fully discovered how interacting with plants can heal the spirit and the mind. He has taken these lessons and is spreading this knowledge to his family, friends and clients. He is a Connecticut Master Gardener, received his certificate in Horticultural Therapy from the New York Botanical Gardens and is a registered member of the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA).